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At Jon Croft Editions we offer high-quality books and ePDFs

We can offer you the full range of services involved in producing a book, from finding you a suitable writer, if needs be, to handing you your finished book hot off the press, or you can mix and match from the services below to suit your requirements.

Over the years we have worked closely with many brands, chefs, hotels and individuals, each one needing an individual approach.

Click the play button to get an insight view on working on your own cookbook from Milsom Hotels.


Our Services


We can work with you to find an author or recipe developer to match your brand ethos and produce great text and recipes. 

Editing / Proofreading

We can arrange for experienced recipe editors and proofreaders to work on the project, ensuring all text meets high editorial standards and is in line with your brand voice.

Recipe Testing

Ensuring recipes work for readers in a domestic setting is a key part of what we do, and we work with experienced home economists to make this happen.


Our art directors love to get involved in a photoshoot and work closely with clients throughout this creative process. We work with award-winning photographers and can find the perfect person to match your brand’s needs, wherever you are. We can also arrange for an experienced food stylist to bring your recipes to life.

Props Hire

Jon Croft Editions owns a range of props, which can be available for hire separately, or can be included in the photography package. We love to hunt for new props and backgrounds for each project if we don’t have the right thing for you already.


From initial concept to print-ready files, our designers will work with you and your branding guidelines to offer a unique design for your project. With many years’ experience in cover and book design, we can offer a great insight into this crucial element of book production.


Any book that is available for sale has to have a unique ISBN number. We will register your book or booklet and provide this ISBN for your project.


We will get you the best price possible for any quantity of printing, including paper sourcing, cover finishes and delivery of the bound books.

Project Management

Our project manager can oversee all of the above, ensuring that everything is done within your schedules and budget, working closely with you each step of the way. 

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