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Mitch Tonk’s group of celebrated Rockfish restaurants have spread from Dartmouth across the Southwest Coast of England achieving great success and acclaim. 


As part of their continuing roll out Mitch approached us to publish a Rockfish Cookbook for sale through all their restaurants and social media channels. He felt it would be the perfect way to generate publicity and extra income.


We assembled a stellar team of creative and editorial talent, all of whom had worked on many high profile and bestselling cookery books. We began to work with Mitch, his team and Chris Terry on photography to produce the book that they wanted and that would best represent their unique restaurant ethos and personality. And of course to showcase Mitch’s simple and brilliant fish recipes.

Over the course of six months of intensive recipe writing, book design and food photography, with regular meetings to monitor progress and direction, a book of wonderful fish recipes began to take form and come together.